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Directe fabriek BGA Crankshaft Belt DP0682 hMrb2nH4

  • Model: hMrb2nH4
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BGA is the aftermarket division of the British Gaskets Group. A world leading original equipment gasket and engine component manufacturer.BGA’s mission is to supply the world aftermarket with a full range of OE quality engine components. Our ranges are some of the best in Europe with a total of over 33,000 references. Technical Specification Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2 : DecoupledEngine Code : RHHOuter Diameter [mm] : 152,8Diameter [mm] : 153From RP number : 10416Inner Diameter [mm] : 30Width [mm] : 27Engine Code : DV6DTEDMSupplementary Article/Info 2 : Decoupled